10 Alluring Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

Dinner is not just about eating up the meals, it can be something more. Just sit back for awhile and communicate with your family while enjoying the meal. You will discover some spectacular things right from the dining table. To maintain the great conversation and scrumptious meals, you need to accentuate it with dining room wall décor ideas.

1. Handwritten Quotation in a Frame

Handwritten Quotation in a Frame

A nice dining room wall décor doesn’t have to be sophisticated. It can be something simple yet impressive – something that you make by yourself sincerely, just like this beautiful handwriting.

Handwritten quotations have been widely used in some restaurants and cafes as decorative ornaments. And thus, you can do the same thing to your dining room.

Hang a quotation that you write on the wall. Make sure that it is big, visible, and readable enough. One thing for sure, the quotation must be a sentence that can be memorized easily and suit your family best.

2. Bring Back The Memory

Bring Back The Memory

Since a dining table is a place in which you usually gather with your family, why don’t you recall the beautiful memory that you had with your little girl? You can tell her how cute and adorable she was.

To make it more vivid, hang the photograph of your daughter and make it as a perfect wall décor. Just pick one photo or two that you want to show off, and print out them in big sizes so that people can see them clearly.

3. Accent Mirror Idea

Accent Mirror Idea

Accent mirrors are one of the most commonly-used decorative ornaments for any rooms. They can create a great focal point instantly. Since they are getting popular day by day, various kinds of accent mirrors have been produced, just like these ones.

The mirrors used as wall décors usually come in circular or rectangular shapes. They are somewhat a dime a dozen. You can try something new such as curvy mirrors.

These mirrors are a little bit quaint. They can make a pretty good centerpiece that accentuates your dining room. However, you can’t see yourself in the mirrors in that they are merely decorative ornaments.

4. Large Mirror for Limited Space

Large Mirror for Limited Space

If limited space is the real issue in your dining room, try investing on a large mirror as the wall décor of it. A large mirror reflects all the things in front of it so that the dining room will be visually bigger. Besides, a large mirror can also help you to check whether or not you are all set for a perfect dinner.

This large rectangular mirror complements the rustic look of the dining room. Three simple art pieces hang on both sides of the mirror, accentuating it very well. They are such a great team that can draw everyone’s attention.

5. Show Them What It Really Is

Show Them What It Really Is

Sometimes the hardest part of choosing the appropriate wall décor is deciding the concept. People may come up with hundreds of brilliant ideas. But they end up not implementing one of them because they have no idea what to choose and whether or not it will look great in the dining room.

If you haven’t decided the concept yet, you can just pick an extremely simple one – to show the people that it is a dining room. You might think that this idea is rather lame. It is not lame at all if you can deliver it properly.

Since dining room is a place where you eat your meals, get as many eating stuff as possible. You can begin with collecting the letters E, A, and T, and hang them on the wall so that they create the word EAT. After that, you can get giant spoon and fork, and hang them near the EAT word.

6. Say The Prayer Out Loud

Say The Prayer Out Loud

Calligraphy is another simple yet great wall décor for your dining room. but make sure that you don’t ruin the idea.

You can hang any calligraphy that you want, with or without a frame. However, picking the calligraphy carelessly will make your dining room end up being dull. It must be something interesting and useful just like a prayer.

This dining room features the calligraphy of a prayer that will remind your family to say their prayer before digging in.

7. Mini Gallery in A Dining Room

Mini Gallery in A Dining Room

Your dining room can be a perfect place to show your masterpieces off. You can create a mini gallery in it by hanging the spectacular photos that you took.

You just need to arrange the photos on one side of the walls that you want to turn into a centerpiece. It will be better if you arrange them in different heights so that they will look more aesthetic.

8. Light The Dining Room Up

Light The Dining Room Up

This dining room features a textured wall that adds the touch of luxury to it. The soft beige color conjures up the images of having a vacation on a beach. To accentuate this wall, some candle-like LED lights are added on the wall. These lights will be able to shed some light both to the wall and the entire room.

9. Multifunctional and Pretty Shelves

Multifunctional and Pretty Shelves

Instead of hanging decorative ornaments that can only adorn the wall, why don’t you hang something that is not only pretty, but also functional like shelves?

These rectangular and cubical shelves are your safe bet. They can help you get rid of clutter as well as making a pretty good wall décor.

10. Let’s Play with Puzzle

Let’s Play with Puzzle

Puzzle is not only for kids, but it is also for adults like you. But this puzzle is different from the one that your kids like to play. It is a puzzle that can make your dining room look more elegant and beautiful.

The large pieces of puzzle hang on the wall, creating the picture of refreshment. The size and arrangement of the puzzle jazzes the wall up. It can instantly draw your guests’ attention when they come over for dinner.


Those are the 10 alluring dining room wall décor ideas that will suit your style and budget well. You just need to remember that your ultimate goal of making a wall décor is to accentuate your dining room, not to make you broke. Happy trying!

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