15 Sensational Design of DIY Corner Shelves to Beautify Your Best Home

Building some DIY corner shelves might be a great idea for your next weekend project. Corner shelves are a smart solution for your small space. If you want to have shelves but you don’t want to be too much on the wall decoration, installing the shelves in the corner is a perfect solution.

The space in the corner of your house sometime gets overlooked and underutilized. For you who have a short space, it’s time for you to claim the corner space of your room. Make use of the empty wall by installing corner shelves. It would get your corner more compulsive.

DIY corner shelves can be installed in any room of your house. It can be in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, even bathroom. Because this kind of minor element is very functional.

  • inside a living room, you have open corner shelves to display some items like collectible items or books.
  • In a bathroom or powder room, people have DIY corner shelves to be used as storage to put some towels and other bathroom stuff.
  • In a kitchen, the homeowner could play with both purposes. It’s used to accommodate the cooking ingredients. It can be decorative by using decorative containers. Or just simply put your kitchen utensils that deserve to be displayed on that corner shelf.

One thing you need to consider, the shelf we are talking about here is an open shelve, getting it decorative is the most crucial part.  So, you have to design perfect DIY corner shelves to maximize its use. Here are some recommended ideas with photos that would inspire you.

1. Simple Corner Shelf In Powder Room

Simple Corner Shelf In Powder Room
Image source http://octees.co/

One of the simplest design of DIY corner shelves is an ideal DIY project. This one doesn’t require a lot of space on the wall. It only uses a small part of the corner. As you can see, this shelf is installed right on the point of the corner. Only a few parts of the room is used, in fact, this shelf is in the smallest room of the house, the powder room. That’s why it’s perfect.

This elegant corner shelf allows you to put only one item on each shelf. So, it’s guaranteed that the displayed items would the highlight of the room. At least, the item could steal everyone’s attention. The purpose of having accessories displayed on the open shelf is to show people the color. Some splashes of colors would fill up an empty room l

2. Easily Installed Racks with Planks of Wood

Easily Installed Racks with Planks of Wood
Image source https://www.pinterest.com/

As a starter, you may wanna begin with some simple DIY corner shelves ideas. If you are new to the DIY worlds, you might need to start with something that’s not complicated. This open shelve is pretty easy to build. You just need some wood planks and simple tools to get it well installed on your wall.

It’s ideal to be used as a bookshelf that is located in your living room. Many designers recommend homeowners to decorate their walls with bookshelf because it would easily turn the empty plain wall to be colorful and interesting. The splash of colors from the books covers offers a nice decorative look that you can rely on.

3. Scandinavian Look In Corner Shelves

Scandinavian Look In Corner Shelves
Image source https://www.deucecitieshenhouse.com/

For you who has a commitment to do well in the world of DIY corner shelves, you have to be free to use the skills of woodworking that you have. You can create a masterpiece in your DIY project. Leaving the wood unfinished would result in a Scandinavian vibe. Or you can just paint it to contrasting color with the wall in order to get the corner shelves to stand out.

Corner shelves are perfect for books and picture frames. Besides functional, the decorative effect of this shelf would create an amazing view of the corner. As you can see, this corner shelf is placed right behind the door. You can’t really see its charm until you get in the room and close the door. Then, you can enjoy the tremendous arrangement of corner shelves.

4. Shelves at The Corner In Between Doors

Shelves at The Corner In Between Doors
Image source https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/

This is a nice bedroom corner decor, especially if your bedroom is small. If you have a small bedroom, you may need to get every space inside the bedroom to be useful. Do not get too much on putting decorations or elements to prevent the bedroom to look crowded.

The arrangement of the items on the shelves is also something that you need to pay attention. As you can see in the picture, the books are arranged without following the angle of the shelve. Instead, the homeowner put the books all in the middle of the corner point. It’s a unique touch to your small corner shelves. Besides books, some personal photos belong to this corner space, too.

5. Kitchen Corner Shelves Pantry

Kitchen Corner Shelves Pantry
Image source http://innerned.net/

A kitchen has also become an ideal place for open shelves. It can be used for many purposes both functionally and decoratively. In this case, it’s used as a makeshift pantry. It’s a perfect kitchen corner decor for a kitchen that has a lack of pantry. This kind of corner shelve would provide plenty of storage space for your cooking ingredients.

An open shelf in the kitchen means that you need to display the stuff you want to store. So, having nice looking jars and bowls are crucial. It would improve the atmosphere of your kitchen. As you can see, this corner shelves have so many jars from the small ones to the big jars. You can use them to keep some herbs, spices, many others relating to your cooking ingredients.

6. Trendy Open Shelving for Kitchen

Trendy Open Shelving for Kitchen
Image source http://wisemamablog.com/

An open corner shelf above the countertop in the kitchen is a great option. A lot of people choose to have the upper cabinet instead of open shelves. If you want to get the kitchen feel more spacious, this is an eccentric way to dress up your kitchen wall. It would be a nice way to get the most out of the storage space that you have.

The trendy shelving of this kitchen is used to store some bowls, plates, and other tableware. Even though it’s used to store some tableware, it’s still looking gorgeous. The brown thick floating shelves making an intense touch to the white wall.

7. DIY Corner Shelves for Nursery Space

DIY Corner Shelves for Nursery Space
Image source http://tinnhanhblog.com/

Need an idea for your baby’s room? You can try going with this cute DIY Corner Shelves. Some homeowners have nurseries which are built out of closets and empty corners in your small house. Speaking about a corner, some corner shelves are needed to improve the looks. That shelves could be used as the storage space of yours.

You can put your baby’s toys to decorate the wall with that shelves. Besides storage space, this shelves can also be used as surface space and something else that your baby need besides a crib. As you can see, that corner space is very shiny, thanks to both of the windows in the corner. In addition, the calming blue wall as a background would get it stunning.

8. A Tree Trunk Corner Shelves

A Tree Trunk Corner Shelves
Image source https://www.hotwhiskeypress.com/

It’s the right time to show off an ideal design for a rustic home. If you are rustic fans, this is something you can’t miss. Explore the artistic beauty of this rustic corner shelves. It’s extremely natural because it comes from a real tree trunk. This is a perfect spot for your reading activity, you can call it your cabin’s reading nook.

You don’t have to own a rustic style home or even a rustic style room, just have this one rustic charm, the whole atmosphere would blend with it really well. Some light pendants nearby can handle the mood in your reading area. Just enjoy yourself playing with your imagination.

9. Nursery Bookshelves on The Corner

Nursery Bookshelves on The Corner
Image source https://www.pinterest.com/

One of the most fun ways to decorate your kids’ room is by using a bunch of books. It is because a lot of kids books have a colorful cover. Therefore, pops of colors would dominate your corner space in such an exciting way.

This thin bookshelf is pretty simple. The concept is just like the bookshelves that you can find in a kids library. So, it can be your kid’s private library. They could spend a lot of hours exploring all the fun books on the shelf.

10. Luxury DIY Corner Shelves

Luxury DIY Corner Shelves
Image source http://myamazingthings.com/

I believe the first time you hear the word luxury, you immediately predict that the price would not be cheap. Well, it’s a DIY world, we will always focus on the budget-friendly idea to maximize the space inside the house in style.

This absorbing design of corner shelves looking so exclusive and glamorous. The black color and eccentric design of the shelf strengthen its charm in your living room. In addition, this is designed only for decoration. You have to fill the shelves with decorative stuff that represents the style of the house and of course your personal taste.

11. Lighted Space-Saving Corner Shelves for Girl’s Room

Lighted Space-Saving Corner Shelves for Girl’s Room
Image source https://hmdcr.com/

This is the corner shelves idea that will delight you. You don’t need more light to support your in doing homework because you are already a lot of lamps from each shelf above your working area. The lighting on each shelf emphasizes every item on the shelf. It creates the dramatic effect all over the corner.

The corner space in this bedroom looks fantastically bright. If you look closely, the lights on the shelf are pretty dimmed. So, the main light covers the whole room’s brightness. The shelves’ lights would make a great dimmed lights that can accompany you during your sleep while the main light is turned off.

12. Simply Antique DIY Corner Shelves

Simply Antique DIY Corner Shelves
Image source https://www.pinterest.com/

I’m sure that an antique design of corner shelves is another great idea you can work for your living room corner decor. Originally, this antique corner shelf comes from an antique furniture design. This could be an easy DIY corner shelves project that you can do on the weekend.

This antique furniture would act as an additional decoration for your living room’s corner. So, the corner space of your living room won’t be looking empty anymore. Because of the size, this antique shelf won’t be spending a lot of space in your small room. Don’t be afraid to add it to your corner.

13. Wooden Block Corner Shelf

Wooden Block Corner Shelf
Image source https://www.99architecture.com/

It seems like you don’t even need artistic items on the shelf, the shelf itself is already artistic. The items on the shelf are there just to make sure it’s used. This cubed shelf looks like a pile of wooden blocks that are arranged in such a way. You can easily build this in your DIY project. You can improve your creativity in arranging it to get it more intriguing.

14. Minimalist Free-Standing DIY Corner Shelves

Minimalist Free-Standing DIY Corner Shelves
Image source https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/

Apparently, it’s not a built-in shelf, it’s a freestanding furniture that you can easily move to other corner space. It’s perfect to hold pictures, books, keepsakes, and many more. It’s made of cross sections of an old tree. Every piece of the section is magnificent.

Even better, the shelf itself can be adjusted. You can adjust the space of each wood disk depending on the height of your displays. To get the disks connected in such a way, a steel reinforced for lifetime durability.

15. Simple Plywood Corner Display

Simple Plywood Corner Display
Image source http://www.madelocalmarkets.com/

Check out this contemporary corner shelf that looks strikingly fabulous. This eye-catching element of the wall would really change the looks of your plain wall. It’s made of plywood which well-known from its durability. This is a great contemporary choice for your traditional corner space. In the living room, this DIY corner shelves would be great for books and your collectible treasures.


Dealing with corner space might be a pretty challenging job. So, exploring some ideas before installing one, would stabilize your inspiration. Those 15 sensational design of DIY corner shelves would definitely steal your attention. If you decide to install to your corner space, it would also steal other people’s attention.

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