10 Amazing Barndominium Floor Plans For Your Best Home

Barndominium Floor Plans – Various styles of houses are available to meet your needs well. One of houses that many people are dying for is barndominiums. The name denotes that it is a fusion of a barn and a condominium. To turn this barn into a safe haven for you and your family, check out these 10 amazing barndominium floor plans.

What You Can Do In a Barndominium

You might be wondering how it feels to live in a barn. You might also imagine living in a messy place. Well, it is more than just a barn.

Barndominium is not like a barn that is usually used to store grains and keep some cows or horses. This barndominium is extremely comfortable and clean despite the name. and if you are going to build a house, you should take a barndominium to your consideration.

Barndominium is very versatile just like many other houses. You can use it as a villa where you can spend your holiday with your family. You can also use it to run a business such as a rustic restaurant or a minimarket.

Barndominium Floor Plans

What to Consider Before Building a Barndominium

Although the idea of dwelling in a barndominium sounds great, building it is not a breeze. It is worth-trying, though. You only need to consider several things before building it. And if you do it meticulously, an amazing barndominium is all yours.

The first and indispensable thing that you need to take into your consideration is pouring the foundation. If you have a barn already, you can remodel and turn it into a barndominium. However, remodeling a barn is not a cinch. In fact, it entails a lot of work.

If you are going to build a barndominium by remodeling a barn, you will need to remove the dirty floor first. You can do it by raising the floor a few inches off the ground. It means you are going to have to do some complicated works such as lifting the jacks. Once the dirty floor has removed, you can begin making the foundation by pouring some cement.

You may also want to rebuild the frames as some of them are distorted already which can be harmful for you and your family especially if you are going to build a two-story house. You may also need to replace the old roof with a new one since the barn’s roof is not as sturdy as the house’s roof.

Just like any other houses, barndominiums are available in various kinds of styles. If you still have no idea what kind of barndominium that suits your needs very well, here are barndominium floor plans that you can apply for your house.

1. Three Bedroom 2 Bathroom and a Shop

Three Bedroom 2 Bathroom and a Shop
Image source http://markthedev.com/

Barndominium is very versatile. You can even have a comfortable place to dwell in and a shop at the same time.

This barndominium floor plan is all you need for you and your family. It has a master bedroom with a spacious bathroom in it which can only be accessed from the bedroom. It will give you the ultimate privacy.

In addition to a master bedroom, it also features two guest bedrooms which are smaller than the master bedroom. There is also a small bathroom between the guest bedrooms.

This barndominium offers you a spacious living room that you can use to gather with your family while enjoying your favorite TV show. An open-kitchen is another charm of this barndominium. It makes the kitchen look more spacious.

On the other side of the house is a huge room that you can use to run a business. But if you are not going to run a shop, you can always use this spacious room for anything such as a storage room for your antiques or collections.

2. Multifunctional Barndominium with 4 Bedrooms and an Office

Multifunctional Barndominium with 4 Bedrooms and an Office
Image source http://besthomezone.com/

Working at home allows you to stay with your family for a longer period of time. And working at home means that you have to build an office in your house so that you can work comfortably.

This barndominium floor plan is really suitable for you and your big family. It features a master bedroom and 3 other bedrooms. Now your kids do not have to share a room, right?

It also features three bathrooms. One bathroom is in the master bedroom so that you can have an easy and private access to it. Another one is between bedroom 2 and 3 which means your kids have to share the bathroom. The other one is next to bedroom 4 and it is bigger than the one between the 2 bedrooms.

At the corner of the house is an office where you can work comfortably. This house also features a craft room where you and your kids can explore your creativity and show them off. The open kitchen gets rid of the cramped feel and allows you to watch your kids who are eating their meals in the dining room.

3. Simple Barndominium Floor Plan with Deck and Balcony

Simple Barndominium Floor Plan with Deck and Balcony
Image source http://besthomezone.com/

Building a barndominium does not hinder you from adding style to your house. This barndominium features a deck and a balcony. It will be a great place to relax while enjoying the outdoor landscape. You can put some chairs and some decorative plants on your deck to accentuate it.

When stepping into the house, you will find a spacious living room merged with the dining room and kitchen. But if you do not feel comfortable with an open-kitchen style, you can install a movable room divider. It will help you conceal the mess in the kitchen.

This barndominium also has three bedrooms and two shower rooms. It also has a laundry room between the shower room and the kitchen.

The wonderful thing of this barndominium is it features a storage room in the lower level of the house. You can store anything in it without worrying about the mess that may ruin the house because it is built underground. Just make sure you install sufficient windows to get rid of moist.

4. Cozy Barndominium Floor Plan

Cozy Barndominium Floor Plan
Image source http://www.metal-building-homes.com/

If you are not really into living in such a huge house, you can have a cozy one with this floor plan. This cozy barndominium features one 14’x17’4” master bedroom with a 5’x10’ closet and a spacious bathroom.

Besides a master bedroom, it also features two smaller bedrooms. Between those bedrooms is a smaller bathroom that can be used by your kids and guests. A washroom is accessible as it is located in front of the bedroom.

The family area is merged with the kitchen and dining area which makes it look more spacious. An open-kitchen style is usually applied in many barndominiums just like this one. But if you want to have a more private kitchen, you can always add a room divider.


  • This barndominium will not be too big nor too small which is just perfect for your family and will not burn a hole in your pocket.


  • The smaller bathroom is located between the two bedrooms and accessible by anyone. It means your kids have to share the bathroom and it will be worse when they are in a hurry.

5. Elegant Barndominium

Elegant Barndominium
Image source http://nauticacostadorada.com/

A barndominium can be so elegant if you build and design it meticulously. This barndominium one master bedroom which is very spacious. It features a large bathroom that accommodates both bath tub and shower that help you invigorate yourself.

Besides the master bedroom, two smaller ones are available for your kids and guests. One of them accommodate two beds while the other can only accommodate one bed. Next to the one-bed bedroom is a working area where you can work or just read a book comfortably.

The kitchen is merged with the living room. It allows you to enjoy the movie being played in the living room while preparing for the dinner because the living room features built-in entertainment center.


  • The bathroom is right in front of the two-bed bedroom and by the door providing the access to the backyard. It enables your kids to make a run to the bathroom when they want to pee.


  • There is no mudroom in this floor plan. You will just leave your umbrella and rain coat outside if you do not want to mess the house up.

6. Wonderful Barndominium Floor Plan with A Patio and Porch

Wonderful Barndominium Floor Plan with A Patio and Porch
Image source http://neko-jijyo.com/

Who says a barn is a dirty place? You will be amazed with what your barn can turn to be when it has been remodeled as a barndominium.

This wonderful barndominium features a covered patio and porch that can add style to your house. The covered patio is in the backyard and it can be accessed from the living room and dining room. It means you can grab a cup of tea from the kitchen and sit back on the patio.

This barndominium also enables you to store all of your cars in the garage because it can accommodate three cars at the same time. Behind the garage is the utility room that you can use to store some equipment. Now you can do your job comfortably in this barndominium since it features a study room that ensures your ultimate comfort.


  • It will be better if the cover of the patio is made of fiberglass so that the sunlight will not be totally blocked. But if you want something durable, go with stainless steel.

7. More Rooms for More Family Members

More Rooms for More Family Members
Image source http://www.teamr4v.org/

If you have a big family, this floor plan will be your best bet. It features a smaller garage that can accommodate 2 cars, but it has more bedrooms for your family. There are four bedrooms in this barndominium – one master bedroom and 3 smaller bedrooms for your kids or guests.

It also features a study room right at the corner of the house so that you will do your job well without getting distracted with the noise in the family room.

This barndominium also features a pantry room where you can store kitchen utensils and spices nicely.

8. Fantastic 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

Fantastic 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms
Image source http://jubilee-newspaper.com/

This barndominium also features 4 bedrooms consisting of one master bedroom and three smaller bedrooms that are located side by side. It allows you to stay as close as possible with your kids and make a run when they need you.

The bathrooms are located at the same spot. They are just separated by a wall. The size of both of them are just the same, but the master bathroom can only be accessed from the master bedroom while the other one can be accessed from the space behind the washroom.

9. Barndominium with Mud Room and Game Room

Barndominium with Mud Room and Game Room
Image source http://www.xeonphideveloper.com/

This barndominium is all you need to get the ultimate comfort. It features a large garage that can accommodate three cars at the same time. Behind the garage is a mud room that you can use to store your wet umbrella and rain coat.

The barndominium packs a lot of fun. To relax after working or doing the household chores, you can sit back while slurping your tea and reading your favorite book in the covered patio or porch. You just need to put some chairs. To blow off steam, a game room is available for you and your family.

10. Barndominium with Three Bedrooms and A Deck

Barndominium with Three Bedrooms and A Deck
Image source http://www.creation-eg.com/

The last but not least is this barndominium. It is quite simple with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a deck.

The bathrooms are built at the same spot. They are only separated with a wall. The bathrooms are easy to access. One of them can be accessed from the master bedroom, the other one can be accessed from the corridor in front of the smallest bedroom.

A deck is also available in this barndominium so that you can relax while enjoying the scenery of the backyard.


Turning a barn into a comfy house is not a pie in the sky. In fact, it is even a worth-trying idea. And these barndominium floor plans will help you get a better idea to plan and build a better place to dwell in.

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