10 Best Minimalist Living Room Designs That Make You Be at Home

Minimalist designs are getting more popular now. People are crazy about the clean and sleek look of them. But, is it always about black and white? Well, not really. Keep reading this article to find out 10 best minimalist living room designs and what they are really about.

1. Go with The White

Go with The White

White is the most versatile color for not only minimalist design, but also any other interior designs. If you are not so sure about what to begin with in decorating your minimalist living room, you can always harness the versatility of white.

This all-white living room looks extremely clean and tidy because white interiors tend to spruce every room up. To beef it up some light beige furniture such as low-level sofas and armchairs are added. They add more colors without overlapping the white interior.

It seems that nothing can go wrong with white, right?

2. Keep The Adornments Simple

Keep The Adornments Simple

The term minimalist living room is used for a reason. It embodies how the interior should be ─ simple and clutter-free. Although you are required to keep things simple, it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to embellish it.

If you want to decorate your living room so badly because you are not into the bland look, you can add a few accessories. Don’t be too exaggerated in adding the accessories since they are supposed to complement the furniture and interior, not overlap them.

I like the rugs placed under the coffee table in this living room. They add more colors and textures that vary the room well without overlapping it.

3. Don’t Overwhelm The Living Room

Don’t Overwhelm The Living Room

When decorating your living room, you might feel beyond thrilled. You are even so hyped up that you visit IKEA’s website and begins to purchase many kinds of furniture. If you are doing it now, you’d better stop before you drain your cash as well as ruining the minimalist look.

A minimalist living room should be simple because that’s what a minimalist style is all about, just like this one. This living room isn’t furnished with too much furniture so that it still has much space for your kids to play. Besides, keeping a few pieces of furniture can define them more clearly.

4. Light It Up

Light It Up

Besides being simple, one of the key points of a minimalist living room is brightness. A minimalist living room shouldn’t be dark. It has to be bright and airy, instead. Therefore, sufficient lighting – both natural and artificial – is demanded.

This living room features some huge glass windows that allow natural light to pass through, making it look airier and more pleasing. To maintain the brightness of this living room all night long, some recessed LED lights are installed.

5. Less Furniture is Better

Less Furniture is Better

Less is more – that’s what we can learn from a minimalist living room. Although it does not feature much furniture with various colors, textures, and shapes, it still looks more elegant than many other styles.

The furniture that is used in a minimalist living room has to be simple with clear-cut edges. You need to avoid sophisticated furniture which you usually come across in a vintage living room. Exclude carved ornaments from your list as they don’t belong to this style.

You will also need to consider getting furniture with monochromatic colors. If you think that black and white is mundane, you can add some – but not many – natural colors such as green, navy blue, or brown.

6. Earthy Colors Will Do

Earthy Colors Will Do

Who says that a minimalist living room has to be in black and white hues? Well, it seems that this living room has provided a clear-cut evidence showing that the other hues also work well. It is not all colors, though.

Besides monochromatic colors, earthy hues such as brown, gray, and beige can make a superb minimalist style, just like this living room. The brown rug complements the cabinets and window trims. It also unifies the coffee table and the white couches perfectly.

A minimalist living room also deserves some decorative elements. In this case, two Chinese lanterns hanging over the table are definitely the icing of the cake.

7. An Artistic Focal Point

An Artistic Focal Point

Don’t make the minimalist living room hinder you from expressing your idea and showing who you are. If you are an avid artist, you can hang your best masterpiece in the living room so that it can be a perfect centerpiece.

However, make sure that you keep it simple. Pick one huge painting rather than some small paintings displaying in one spot. A gallery-like arrangement might be pretty and spectacular, but it doesn’t suit your minimalist living room well.

8. Hold the Clutter at Bay

Hold the Clutter at Bay

You don’t need to splurge out on some new furniture if your old one is still in its top-notch condition. What you have to do is just decluttering some furniture so that you only have the essential pieces of furniture in your living room. You might also need to reorganize it so that your living room will look as good as new.

Since it has to be clutter-free, don’t stack your old magazines and favorite books on the coffee table. You’d better store them in shelves.

9. Brown Minimalist Living Room

Brown Minimalist Living Room

Clean-line furniture and a low-level coffee table create a clean and spacious look in this brown living room. The huge glass windows shed some natural lights to the brown hues, creating an airy and bright living room.

Instead of hanging an immense artwork for a great focal point, you can just place a huge light-beige board. It contrasts with the wall tiles, making it a bit conspicuous.

10. Green Minimalist Living Room

Green Minimalist Living Room

A minimalist living room always uses dark hues? Think again!

This living room has proven that vivid colors can make a great minimalist style. The key point is the use of simple furniture with clean lines. You also need to get rid of the clutter and restrain yourself from cramming too much furniture in it so that you are good to go.


Searching for some ideas of a minimalist living room can be exhilarating. You can apply one of these 10 ideas or you can mix them together. But one thing for sure, you have to keep things simple.

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