10 Metal Buildings with Living Quarters Ideas, To Inspire Your Best Home

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters Ideas, To Inspire Your Best Home.

People consider metal to be the material of building they are living in, nowadays. It starts from the existence of living area provided in such buildings.

You are about to view 10 metal buildings with living quarters ideas which are presented here in today’s article. Well, it is going to be interesting, so make sure you do not miss anything.

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

But before we go right to the topic, it is better for you to know any of the advantages and disadvantages of having a living place built out of metal. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Buildings made out of metal have high durability. It can hold up against strong wind and no rats could undermine it.
  • Such buildings need less time in constructing process since the structure is not be produced until all the strategies are settled. So, in time the structure is finished, the assemble process will not take long.
  • Metal material can be recycled with no end and the strength would be the same with its first usage.
  • Metal buildings are flexible and easy to expand. The material is able to be designed in almost any shape. And you will only need extra panels and frameworks to broaden the building.
  • Compared to other materials, metal is more efficient in terms of energy.
  • Metal can be bended however you want. Customize it all you like.


  • Metal could invite molds that formed from moisture in cold environment. And this mold problem leads you to spend more money on the maintaining.
  • Such material affects your health, especially if you have allergy to metal or to the finishing paints. Avoid living in metal building at all cost if you have that type of allergy.
  • If you get used to live in regular homes, move in to metal building might be unpleasant for you because it is built differently from the usual houses.
  • Having metal building needs a lot of money. The labor charges, structure cost, and preparing fee of metal building is much more expensive than those of lumbers.

If you still consider living in a metal building after reading the pros and cons, now it is time for you to check these ideas out!

1. Man Cave with Upstairs Living Quarters

Man Cave with Upstairs Living Quarters
Image source https://www.victoriasteelerectors.com/

This two-storey metal building is built with intention to be working and living place at the same time. While the lower floor is where the work takes place, the upper floor is where the building owner lives. The two floors are connected by metal stair installed outside. The stairs take you to a large balcony up there.

White bricks become the basic material of the building, this is chosen to make this building look more solid. Also, do not fail to see the amount of windows they install there. Well, it comes to no one’s wonder, actually, since metal absorbs heat very well.

2. Metal Building with Living Quarters and Terrace

Metal Building with Living Quarters and Terrace
Image source http://greatshakescorfu.com/

This is another example of two-storey metal building with living quarters. The difference is the owners make it both floor to be their living place. Plus, there is this comfortable terrace in front of the lower floor. A wooden table set with seating for two is seen here.

Elegantly, the owners combine two colors of red wine and grey to be the exterior finishes. A lot of big windows also installed here, in order to get a good air exchange from inside to outside and vice versa.

3. Metal Building with Outdoor Living Room

Metal Building with Outdoor Living Room
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

Having outdoor living room is surely beyond the usual. It worries so much whenever the season is not friendly. But you could care less about the shortcoming it has. You see, entertaining guests indoor would not as interesting as doing it outdoor, especially, if you have a huge vacant space in the yard.

Outdoor living room aside, we are still discussing about metal building with living quarters. After red wine metal building you see on previous point, here comes a dark grey one which gives the sense of more welcoming. The materials involved not only metal, but also wood and natural stone.

4. Natural Style Metal Building

Natural Style Metal Building
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

An unnatural material like metal actually could blend in really well with the nature. Just take a look at the example shown in the picture. The owners of this metal building might love the nature so much to the extent they build a living place in the wild surrounded by the woods.

The building has its original metal color. Its wooden base doubles as a porch, where a nice view could be clearly seen from there. The downside of this metal building is it looks quite fragile. Beware of the season will not hurt you.

5. Metal Building with Two Garage Doors

Metal Building with Two Garage Doors
Image source https://insme.info/

Less is more, or so people say. And that applies to this type of metal building, as well. Despite of how it is used on a regular basis, it has a simple look, be it the design or the color selection.

The two large white doors should be pretty much tell you everything now, that this is actually a garage to begin with before the owners decide to create some living quarter. So, rather than a detached garage, it is more of an attached living space to be precise.

6. Metal Building with Living Quarter and Balcony

Metal Building with Living Quarter and Balcony
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

How cheerful this house is. Imagine going home to such bright living place at the end of your hectic day. A color mix of sunny yellow, calming teal blue, and balancing deep grey is ready to welcome you home. This is another level of metal building with living quarter.

As you can see in the picture, the building has two stories with a lovely large balcony on the upper floor. It also has a lot of windows installed on both floors. What makes it more comfortable to be in is it’s surrounded by shady trees.

7. Living Quarter in Metal Building with Pool

Living Quarter in Metal Building with Pool
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

Now, this one is practically a living place. With the open concept first floor has, it leaves you without doubt that the entire building is being lived in. So, it has two stories which painted in dark red tone. And thanks to the open concept, we get to see the good ceiling design in lower floor.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, large sliding windows are installed before the balcony. It is a goo

d spot to get a nice view of the large swimming pool when it is not in the mood to get wet.

8. Rustic Metal Building with Living Quarters

Rustic Metal Building with Living Quarters
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

Grey is still popular to be the finishes of metal buildings. And this one building here is no exception. To have a rustic look, consider combining the shade with brown and white for the exterior. Also, combine the plain metal exterior design with some latticework, as well, like the one in the corner.

This metal building also has swimming pool like on the previous example. What differentiates the two is the distance of the pool from the building. On previous point, you get to see that the pool is located rather far from the metal building. Meanwhile, this one is on the other hand.

With such close distance, beware of getting splashed. Water stain could turn itself into ghost mark which clearly seen but you do not want to see it. And you will need extra budget to get rid of the annoying ghost mark.

9. Metal Building Joined by Wood

Metal Building Joined by Wood
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com

You have already seen metal building with wooden base on some former examples, have not you? This metal building you have here gets to be a little different. It uses stones for its base to prop the building and wood to be the poles that help in steadying the roof.

What might fascinates you is its location on top of a hill, seen from how slope the way behind the building. Its natural surrounding reminds people of villas by mountain area.

10. Modern Metal Barndominium

Modern Metal Barndominium
Image source https://donpedrobrooklyn.com/

Of all metal building examples that presented here, this last one is the most unique. The roof takes the form of asymmetric shape, which is unbeatable. What a view in the middle of housing complex. A sturdy white wall also takes responsibility to help the building standing tall.

The metal part of the building is finished in dark red exterior paint color to be in harmony with the fence beside it. Various tropical plants planted in front of it add the aesthetics, too. By the look of its location, it is only natural to think that this building is a detached garage, don’t you think?

In other words, people find unusually beautiful way to decorate their house parts all the way-up to the garage at the very front.


To sum it up, metal buildings does not always have to appear metallic and thus boring. They could come with variously gorgeous finishes, too, according to metal buildings with living quarters ideas presented above in this article.

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