10 Mind-Blowing Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Eclectic style has been widely used as a courageous shift in interior design because it allows you to mix various things together rather than sticking to one style only. However, if not done properly, you will end up with a chaotic interior. Here are 10 mind-blowing eclectic interior design ideas that can give a good vibe to your home.

1. Choosing a Color Scheme is Important

Choosing a Color Scheme is Important

Although being eclectic means combining various shapes, styles, textures, and colors together, it doesn’t mean that you can throw all color palette. Sticking to one main color palette will make the interior stay in a good harmony.

This living room comprises many kinds of colors, but you can notice that there is only one main actor in this show. Yes! It’s the shades of blue. And to anchor all the colors in this room, a unique and classic rug containing red and blue colors is placed at the center.

2. Create Your Very Personal Gallery

Create Your Very Personal Gallery

Eclectic style allows you to express your idea as wild as you can. So, feel free to show your masterpiece off. This quirk living room is accentuated with various kinds of paintings, making it look like a mini gallery that you have always wanted for so long.

Let your guests know that the descendant of Picasso is here. Besides, the paintings can make a perfect accent wall as well as covering the flaws of the wall.

The most conspicuous and bizarre piece of art is the light hanging over the coffee table. The vivid yellow color and unusual design of the light grab people’s attention instantly.

3. Create a Centerpiece

Create a Centerpiece

Many people think that being eclectic entails being as wild and crazy as possible. Just set your eccentric taste free and your eclectic interior design is good to go. It is said this is what eclectic style is all about but nothing could be further from the truth.

Although you can play with various colors and shapes freely, you will still need to consider a focal point so that the room does not lack focus. You can create a centerpiece with an accent wall idea, or you can just highlight the existing one such as a fireplace with a huge and colorful painting.

4. Let’s Play with Textures

Let’s Play with Textures

Instead of purchasing a set of furniture, you can explore your creativity and imagination by investing on various furniture pieces. You might dread at first since you are used to following certain rules that usually keep things bond together. Fortunately, there will always be a way.

If you are not quite sure with blending different pieces of furniture all together, you can began with investing on some furniture that shares a similarity.

This living room sticks to brown and beige shades for its guideline. Although the textures and patterns of the sofa are different from the chairs, it does not hinder them from creating a good harmony. Thanks to the coffee table that has made a pretty good connect piece.

5. Get Rid of The Clutter

Get Rid of The Clutter

The idea of mixing things together and going as wild as you can doesn’t mean that you can just throw anything in the room recklessly which ends up in a mess. Eclectic style is supposed to be clutter-free. And thus, don’t succumb to the temptation of cramming all of the furniture you like.

This spacious living room remains simple with just some pieces of furniture, but it  still looks stunning. Sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables gather in one spot rather than spreading out across the entire room so that you still have an abundant of space to move through.

6. The Canvas of Your Imagination

The Canvas of Your Imagination

Welcome to the realm of imaginary world! If you are an avid artist, eclectic style will be your safe bet as you can express anything on your mind to a limitless canvass and create the realm of your dream world.

This living room is like an immense canvas that you can see and touch. The combination of colors and shapes is brilliant because it shows the aesthetic and eccentric taste without compromising the comfort.

7. Stick to The Blue

Stick to The Blue

You can see various kind of furniture reflecting the design of different eras. The clear line and organic curve sofas with wooden legs sitting in the middle of the room represent the mid-century modern style while the accent chair and the fireplace denote a French country style.

Even though two different eras sit together in here, they don’t create an awkward harmony because they are bonded with the blue color. The blue furniture plays a crucial role as the base of this room so that you can add more colors without worrying about the disorganized look.

8. Hold Them Together

Hold Them Together

People often hesitate to mix different vivid colors together when it comes to decorating a living room but it seems that this living room does otherwise. It is bold enough to mix green and pink to create a cheerful living room without giving an eyesore to the guests.

The most important thing is the painting that hangs above the fireplace. It makes a pretty good focal point that holds the colors of the room together so that they permeate a good harmony.

9. Accent Wall for Eclectic Style

Accent Wall for Eclectic Style

Accent wall in an eclectic style does not only create a good centerpiece that draws everyone’s attention, but also pulls the furniture together, just like what you can see in this living room.

It comprises some pieces of furniture with different colors and styles, but they can still team up well to provide an ultimate comfort for your body and mind. It happens because the pop of colors of the huge painting pull them together so that they don’t float.

10. The Fusion of Eras

The Fusion of Eras

Sometimes it is hard to make up our mind when it comes to what style we should use to better the living room. Is it French country, vintage, mid-century modern, or maybe all of them? Is it even possible? Why not!

Eclectic style allows you to fuse all those styles together. It is not awkward at all. In fact, that’s the particular charm of an eclectic living room.


Don’t mistake eclectic interior design for anything-that-you-like style. Although you can mix colors, shapes, and textures together, it doesn’t mean you can feel free to cram as much furniture as you can. Don’t forget that less is more.

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