15 Narrow Dining Tables for Small Spaces

The best solution to overcome the problem of having small space is to cut down the unnecessary items and adjust the furniture size according to area availability. Specifically, for example, if the dining rooms are limited, the best bet is to get narrow dining tables for small spaces.

Well, here in today’s article, we have collected some inspiration of narrow dining tables that might be any of your need to fit the certain area. Check them out below!

1. Neutral Dining Nook

Neutral Dining Nook
Image source https://p2.trrsf.com/

Dining table set in neutral colors are always the safest choice to have. They fit with almost all materials and blend well together with the other colors.

The one in the picture is no exception. A combination of appearances is seen. Not only can you see the range of brown shades, but several different materials also.

In front of the two wicker chairs, there is a sleek surface table area placed before an L-shaped wooden bench in so much lighter shade than the former two. For a narrow dining set, this corner banquette provides pretty much a lot of seating and cabinets. To save space, some storage spaces are customized under the bench.

2. Just-the-Amount-Needed Dining Table

Just-the-Amount-Needed Dining Table
Image source http://dokodemocash.com/

Now, this is a very clever yet ridiculous idea. To save some floor space, this home owner attaches a table top onto a wall corner in the kitchen after cuts a quarter part of it. And then put some stools around it to complete the dining set needed. Yup, this is another level of just-the-amount-needed dining table.

Well, however we look at it, though; it can’t be denied that this dining set is placed in perfect location. It doesn’t block the way and located near the cooking area.

So, congratulations! You’ve just see a new brand idea of narrow dining table. Just don’t forget to cover the dining surface around the bend after cut it.

3. Comfortable Dining Table

Comfortable Dining Table
Image source https://www.designlisticle.com/

A soft seat pretty much defines what comfortable should a dining set has. An example of it is shown by the picture. Not only the seating part which is padded, but the backrest also.

On top of that, a lot of cushions are thrown above it. This U-shaped seating provides a lot of space despite the fact that the table is narrow.

The interesting part is the color scheme. That grey seating is complemented by the turquoise and white throws. And they match well with the slim white bench in front of them.

4. Space-Saving Booth

Space-Saving Booth
Image source http://xiaoer.me/

This dining booth is inspired by those from restaurants’. With two soft comfortable benches facing each other next to a window, this setting so much resembles a diner you enter for breakfast this morning. The seating allows four people to enjoy the feast together.

Also, this dining table placement doesn’t obstruct or even block the window. And it’s important because it could save you from so many troubles, electricity bills, for instance. And then, behind each bench, there is storage space to keep the tableware and display some artworks.

5. Built-In Dining Table

Built-In Dining Table
Image source https://certhero.org/

A built-in dining table is also a nice idea. Moreover, it suits the space availability. From the picture we know that the owners take away the table feet to adjust its height with the kitchen island. They cut a little part of the corner table top and leave the rest of the sides untouched so the set is suitable for two people as the final result.

6. Slide-Out Table

Slide-Out Table
Image source http://creatodesigns.com/

Another space saving narrow dining table idea is this slide-out one. Slide it out whenever needed, and you can tuck it in when you’re done. It frees up some space at most time.

With vintage look, this slide-out dining table fits the cushion’s pattern. Not to mention the color selection of pale grey that supports the shabby chic image.

7. Multifunctional Dining Table

Multifunctional Dining Table
Image source https://certhero.org/

This type of dining table which attached near the cooking area could work double also as prep surface. So it is kind of multifunctional table that benefit you before and during meal time.

With its counter height, a rather high barstool is the most suitable to complete the set. It is more comfortable to sit higher, anyway.

The table top has glossy surface so that it looks rather convincingly like sculpture. This type of dining counter idea is great since you have every item well functioning.

8. Traditional Shape

Traditional Shape
Image source https://ostkcdn.com/

Traditional table comes in two shapes of square and round. Both shapes work similarly well in a small space. So far, there is no versus comparison between the two shapes in terms of their function. However, there are some tips according to the usage of the two.

First, if there are less than three people in your household on a daily basis, it’s better to use a square table. Position the set against a wall or in a corner. By doing that way, you have some free floor space.

Second, if there are more than three people who usually use the dining space, then a free-standing table of any shape would be no problem.

9. Tall Dining Table

Tall Dining Table
Image source https://ostkcdn.com/

After traditional dining tables, we have the tall ones which work well in small space. A tall dining table could work double also as a prep area.

Based on its height, there are two kinds of tall dining table. They are bar-height and counter-height table. A bar-height one is more known as pub table. Its height ranges between 40 to 42 inches.

Meanwhile, a counter-height one is also known as bistro table. Though people often use this table type outdoor, it still works well in small area indoor. Generally counter-height tables come in round shape and about 34 to 36 inches high.

10. Extendable and Drop-Leaf Table

Extendable and Drop-Leaf Table
Image source https://ostkcdn.com/

People get more creative to solve any matter. And that also applies to find the most suitable dining table for small area.

An innovative invention is made to be one of the solutions. It is extendable table and drop-leaf one. Well, the one in the picture is an example of a drop-leaf dining table.

The similarity between the two is they provide extra table top when you need it. The difference is only in their shape and how they keep the unused extra. Well, either the former or the latter, these dining tables are surely manipulatively interesting.

For drop-leaf tables, you can drop both sides or otherwise, drop only one while get the table attaches to the wall. Either way is based on your need, anyway.

11. Stylish Small Kitchen Table

Stylish Small Kitchen Table
Image source https://www.virginia-informer.com/

Sometimes you could get help to save some space in dining room from a mirror. Since a mirror reflects the area in front, it could create the effect of having bigger dining space.

Let’s take a look at an example this picture shows. It helps even more with an open concept like this one.

Also, don’t fail to see the placement of the narrow dining table against the wall. It is none other to liberate some valuable floor space within your home, an apartment to be exact.

12. Long Dining Table

Long Dining Table
Image source http://literates.co/

You might end up with having a long dining space; its width is less than half of its length. But don’t worry, that’s okay, there’s this long dining table, anyway.

This kind of dining table allows more people to sit and enjoy the feast together. It will be very fun to be one of the people sitting there during family gathering on holidays!

To make it interesting, combine the seating of bench and single chairs. Make sure they all are comfortable enough so that no one fight over one particular seat.

Also, the closer the dining set is to the window, the better. With everyone in the table, it’s better to have the feel of dining outdoor because of the window.

13. Black Narrow Dining Table

Black Narrow Dining Table
Image source http://cloudchamber.co/

Interesting colors are blended well in this type of mostly white dining room. A black dining table is surrounded by six ivory chairs.

Meanwhile, above the table there is a nice setting of lime green napkins and white flowers as a centerpiece. Perhaps the color of napkins is chosen to match the accent wall in similar tone.

All of the elements mentioned are set below a gorgeous chandelier. Imagine having dinner in this dining table. It will be a lovely dinner ever.

14. Marble Top Dining Table

Marble Top Dining Table
Image source http://www.be-black.com/

Though there are so many table top finishes, marble is believed to have the best look. And having marble top for your narrow dining table would be a definite decision to balance what it lacks.

A dining set seen in the picture is good to be an example. Its sleek and shining table surface diverts people’s attention from any shortcoming.

15. Fiberglass Dining Set

Fiberglass Dining Set
Image source http://kellyforhouse.com/

Wood is the most common to be the material for a dining table. After wood, metal comes second as the most popular.

You’ve seen the two already from the previous fourteen examples. For the last narrow dining table, you have this one made of fiberglass which is fascinatingly unique.

It comes as a set with the surrounded transparent six chairs and has a glossy surface. The only downside of it is it looks rather fragile.


To sum it up, narrow dining tables for small spaces help you to make the best use of that certain area. How small the space is, isn’t a problem when you have the perfect dining table, right?

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