10 Entry Table Ideas That Will Give a Striking First Impression

The impression of a ‘home sweet home’ begins at an entryway. Of course, seeing it looking disorganised, with shoes, keys, and hats, can get you to feel stressed out. If you are worried about how your house may look like to your guests, then it is time to take action with the best entry tables ideas now.

Some of the coolest examples are here:

1. Choose Your Entryway Table Style

Choose Your Entryway Table Style
Source: https://homedit.com/

First of all, what is the whole concept of your house? How much is the entryway space? From there, you get to decide the style of the table that you want. Make sure it really fits – both for the space and also the interior design.

For example, you prefer a barndominium style for your house. A wooden entryway table is perfect for this. To complete and beautify this idea, you may add certain other elements, like:

  • A table lamp made of recycled glass bottle.
  • Real or plastic plants in a wooden vase.
  • Other knickknacks made of neutral or earth-tone colours.

2. Place a Mirror Hung on The Wall to Complete Your Entryway Table

Place a Mirror Hung on The Wall to Complete Your Entryway Table
Source: https://cliqueinc.com/

Even if your house and entryway is small, there is a trick to change that impression. Some of the dashing entry table ideas require hanging a mirror on the wall.

Of course, the size and shape of the mirror do not always have to suit the existing entryway table. As long as the colours fit, these are what you can do:

  • Hang a round mirror for your rectangular entryway table.
  • Have a rectangular mirror that is hung vertically, since the table of course looks horizontal.

Avoid placing a small desk mirror on the table. Not only better placed on a dressing table, it is also rather pointless.

3. A Thick Carpeting on The Floor of Your Entryway

A Thick Carpeting on The Floor of Your Entryway
Source: https://homedit.com/

Some people may not prefer placing anything on the floor of their entryways. The three most common reasons regarding this are:

  • They do not see the need of it. Most of the time, the carpet gets ignored.
  • If it is not made of the suitable material, the carpet may cause accidents, like people tripping over it.
  • It may also get dirty with shoe prints from the outside.

However, if you still insist on having one, a thick carpet will make the floor look less vacant. To avoid any accidents, choose any materials that are not so smooth or furry, even if it is faux fur.

4. No Overhead Lightings, Please

No Overhead Lightings, Please
Source: https://cliqueinc.com/

For a small space, some entry table ideas do not have overhead lightings. Not only it will make the room feel hotter, the hanging lamp above may snap your head a little.

However, if the entryway table is so small, you can choose certain lamps, as long as they are dim or not so bright. These two examples may inspire you:

  • A small table lamp, possibly made of iron, bronze, or brass. Although some of these models may be overpriced, their design does not take up much space and is stylish too.
  • A small lamp, built-in to the wall above the table.

5. A Proper Storage to De-Clutter Your Entryway

A Proper Storage to De-Clutter Your Entryway
Source: https://homedit.com/

Tired of seeing your messy entryway every time you return home? It is time that you got yourself organised. The first step is to get the proper storage to put your things in. This rattan basket under the table is one good example.

Not only that, you need to make sure that you (and the rest of your family members at home) to:

  • Categorise and separate your things in different places. Not everything should be in the entryway. For example: hang your cap in your bedroom.
  • Have a table with drawers like this example. Besides the basket under it, the table can also store some stuff.


6. Pictures or Paintings Hung on The Wall Instead of a Mirror

Pictures or Paintings Hung on The Wall Instead of a Mirror
Source: https://cliqueinc.com/

Do not feel like placing a mirror? These similar, entry table ideas only work wonders if your entryway is big enough. Plus, you also need to have an artistic sense of style.

To avoid overcrowding your table, you can choose:

  • One large painting or photograph on the wall above the table.
  • Several tiny frames hung on the wall.
  • Two medium-sized frames on the wall plus a couple of smaller ones on the table.

You also need to be consistent with the theme. Would you prefer photographs or paintings?

7. More Greenery on Your Entryway Table

More Greenery on Your Entryway Table
Source: https:/cliqueinc.com/

Another trick to freshen up your entryway is the existence of more greenery. A potted plant works wonders for this idea.

Of course, it is better that you have real live plants instead of the plastic ones. Do not forget to:

  • Water them regularly.
  • Change them if they wither and die.
  • Choose smaller ones if your entryway table is not big enough.

8. Be Bold with a Unique Color of Walls and a Statement Pieace of Art

Be Bold with a Unique Color of Walls and a Statement Pieace of Art
Source: https://homedit.com/

This is another one of the artistic entry table ideas. If you are not up for your family photos displayed here, you can choose paintings. If you prefer something else, a statement piece of art like this one will also do.

Of course, with this dark blue wall, the art piece is a perfect contrast. Since the table looks already occupied, you can:

  • Use the matching drawers to store your stuff.
  • Stop adding more stuff to clutter your entryway.

9. Other Works of Art You Can Display on The Wall

Other Works of Art You Can Display on The Wall
Source: https://cliqueinc.com/

If you enjoy knitting and thinking outside the box, here is something else to consider. An authentic, beautiful knitwork hung on the wall will impress your guests. Of course, you need to make sure that:

  • It fits the whole theme of the entryway.
  • You have no problem doing it or you can get it from someone else. That, if you are not into knitting but still love the artwork anyway.

10. A Minimalist, Black-and-White Style

A Minimalist, Black-and-White Style
Source: https://cliqueinc.com/

If you prefer to stick to something simple, like this black-and-white style, be smart with details. Some of them that you can see are here:

  • A statement-framed mirror.
  • A pair of matching table lamps.
  • A white rattan basket to store things.


So, those are the 10 entry table ideas that will give a striking first impression. Ready to choose one – or have you already got your own?


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