10 Various Multi Level Decks to Beautify Your Backyard and Patio

Installing multi level decks at home is a new way to find a relaxing and also entertaining spot. The best thing is, some of these decks do not cost so much and are easy to build.

Whether your house is big or small, it is still possible to have multi level decks. Some of the greatest examples can be seen here:

1. The Two-Level Deck Designs with a Connector

The Two-Level Deck Designs with a Connector
Source: https://kebony.com/

These multi level decks are perfect for two-storey houses. With the stairs as a connector, you can have an easy access to move in-between. If you have already got a single deck at home, here is what you can do:

  • Build another one, whether below or above, according to where your very first deck is.
  • Add an attractive staircase that connects both decks.

After that, you can maximise both decks to their best potential. For example, the lower deck is for a dining space while the upper one is for a lounge area.

2. The Two-Level Deck Designs Facing The Swimming Pool

The Two-Level Deck Designs Facing The Swimming Pool
Source: https://amazonaws.com/

This type of design may remind you of some villa or resot house in the mountain. Overlooking the swimming pool, you get to maximise both decks for dining outdoor and relaxing.

In fact, you can even use one of them for more space if you feel like sunbathing. Just change the seating arrangement with an umbrella and a lounge chair.

For this two-decked design, you have two choices too:

  • Have a small staircase as a connector.
  • Have separate entries for both back into the house.

3. The Dimensional, Downwarded Multi Level Decks

The Dimensional, Downwarded Multi Level Decks
Source: https://kebony.com/

Who says multi level decks are only great for two-storey houses and going upward? This design proves otherwise. With this backyard swimming pool, this scene offers a perfect oasis at your own home.

You have to think outside the box for something like this. Instead of the usual single staircase directly to the swimming pool, this is what you can do:

  • Build a larger, more playful and functional multi level deck.
  • The height between each deck should just be up to a man’s ankle away.

4. The Two-Level Deck, Patio Area

The Two-Level Deck, Patio Area
Source: https://amazonaws.com/

Whether you have a single or two-storey house, do not let your patio look plain. With this two-level deck design, you will have a unique and more comfortable one.

Of course, these are the steps to make this deck design upgrade your patio’s appearance:

  • Using high quality wooden pallet, create one level up for a deck.
  • For an entrance and exit access (which is only one), two or three steps from the same material are enough. From there, have another deck that leads you outside.
  • Add more plants to make the patio look more lively.

5. An Isolated, Cozy Nook for More Privacy.

An Isolated, Cozy Nook for More Privacy
Source: https://kebony.com/

If you prefer a temporary escape of your own at home, the multi level decks like this design will suit you fine. You can even have a DIY project on this by:

  • Add a bunch of short level terraces. They can go upwards or downwards, depending on your choices.
  • The minimum quantity of terraces is two. If there are some trees, save some open gaps in the middle for them instead of cutting them down.
  • Set your lounge area on an open but rather secluded space with the right furniture. You can even use a hammock instead.

6. The Spacious Two-Level Decks with Vine-Covered Lattice Screens

The Spacious Two-Level Decks with Vine-Covered Lattice Screens
Source: https://amazonaws.com/

This design can be used if you feel your property space is limited. With the door leading to the back garden from the house, that is where you can start with your spacious, two-level decks.

To make these decks look more spacious, you can:

  • Have less furniture here. In fact, you should empty the central part of the decks for more moving space.
  • Plant and grow vines on the screens. This will freshen up the decks.

This design is also great for birthday parties and other thematic gatherings. Start inviting people over.

7. The Multi-Level Decks with A Built-In Seating and a Relaxing Landscape

The Multi-Level Decks with A Built-In Seating and a Relaxing Landscape
Source: https://kebony.com/

Your multi level decks do not have to look extremely dramatic or have really different height of levels. By having it spread wide like this, you can still have nice spot, plus the built-in seating and the relaxing landscape.

Although this design looks much better with single-storey houses, that does not mean it has to look rather flat. To vary it well, you can:

  • Play with different positions of the boards, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.
  • Make sure those positions are strategically-placed, so they will still look artistic instead of just messy.
  • Use the built-in wood and stone bench not just a seating, but also a visible partition between the upper and lower decks.

8. Multi-Level Decks with a Spiral Staircase

Multi-Level Decks with a Spiral Staircase
Source: https://amazonaws.com/

What if your two or three-storey house has some serious gaps between levels? Of course, the usual staircase may take up some space, although it can still work as a connector.

To save more moving space on the lower deck, a spiral staircase is the solution. Of course, this may not be ideal to some people, like:

  • The elderly.
  • Little children.
  • People injured in the foot or who have poor eyesight.

To avoid any accidents from happening, make sure the gaps between steps are not soo wide.

9. The Elevated Sunning Terrace

The Elevated Sunning Terrace
Source: https://kebony.com/

Small spaces are no problems for your multi level decks, if you know how to make them right. If you are into jacuzzi hot tubs, you can turn your small backyard into an elevated sunning terrace.

To make this design look exotic despite its size, these are what you can have:

  • A hot tub with clear glass walls.
  • A set of matching chairs for sunbathing.

10. The Three-Level Deck and a Patio

The Three-Level Deck and a Patio
Source: https://amazonaws.com/

Feeling that two-level decks are not enough? Why not have more like this one? This three-level deck design is perfect to beautify your patio.

Of course, you will need more extra hard work for this. In order not to look too full, here is what you can do:

  • Vary the steps between decks as access. For example, three small ones from the top deck to the middle and five more to the one below.

There are various multi level decks to create. Which one will fit your home best?



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