10 Excellent Small Office Interior Design Ideas

Racing against the time can be stressful. And what makes it worse is working in a small and cramped office that doesn’t allow you to organize things tidily. Let’s alleviate your tense and eradicate the clutter with these 10 excellent small office interior design ideas.

1. Elegant Brown Office

Elegant Brown Office

This brown office is small yet elegant. It doesn’t feel cramped at all. It gives you the ultimate comfort that you have been longing for, instead.

Just take a look at how roomy this office is. You can sit back on the office chairs comfortably and glide easily without feeling confined. Thanks to the floating desk and racks that have optimized the space of your office.

Instead of a bulky desk and cabinets that take up a lot of space, floating desk and racks are used in this office. The absence of the desk legs provides more space beneath it. The wall-mounted racks are your real hero as they ensure a clutter-free workplace for you.

2. Working while Having Vacation

Working while Having Vacation

Staring at the notebook and an abundance of files all day long is mundane. It makes you wish you were having a vacation on a beach, sunbathing, or swimming. What the sexiest moment ever! Unfortunately, it is unlikely to happen soon. Is it?

Well, you can have your vacation right in your workplace. Just print out a huge photograph of a beautiful beach and hang it on the wall of your office so that it can make a great focal point. It can accentuate your room in a different way, too.

Besides being a nice centerpiece, it also encourages you to stop dawdling because you will try to do your best to finish your work as soon as possible so that you can go to the beach.

3. Stack Them Up

Stack Them Up

This office is so tiny that you find it hard to move through. It is impossible for you to put some drawers or cabinets to store your documents. Storing them in another room is not a good choice, either. The only one thing you can do is just stack the files up.

Making a wall-mounted desk and racks at the corner of the room is your safe bet. You can still work in this tiny room and grab the files that you need without breaking a sweat.

To jazz the office up, a large painting is hung on the wall. It can ease the tense and make the room become more beautiful.

4. Cozy Office Interior Design

Cozy Office Interior Design

A small office doesn’t hinder you from welcoming your guests or colleagues with an utmost care. They deserve a comfortable place to sit so that you can discuss business better.

Investing on some faux leather sofas can be a great idea as they can add the touch of elegance to your office. Just shove everything against the table so that you can still have enough space to move through.

5. White Home Office Idea

White Home Office Idea

There is nothing wrong with working at home. Although you don’t have enough space for your office at home, you can make a cozy nook that enables you to stay focus on doing your job.

This all-white small office interior design might be something that you need now. It features white wooden desk with four small wheels that allow you to move it easily.

The wooden shelves hang nicely above the desk, allowing you to store and grab important files in a jiffy.

6. Simple Small Office

Simple Small Office

This small office optimizes its space by using a multifunctional desk. The small desk enables you and your colleagues to have a private meeting related to the progress of your business.

Instead of placing the desk by shoving it against the wall, you can place it at the corner of the room so that you can still have sufficient space. Besides, it will be easier for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the windows.

7. Modern Office Interior Design

Modern Office Interior Design

Since your office is a place for you to cope with a lot of chores, you need to make yourself feel comfortable. And this monochromatic office will be the best idea to get the ultimate comfort.

The use of black and white hues makes this office look elegant and bold. Clear-cut furniture with sleek design provides the touch of modern style. You can also get a gray sofa that is shoved against the wall so that you can curl up and feel snug if you think you need to take a break.

A lot of recessed LED lights are installed to illuminate this office. Proper lighting can banish the dark and dank small room, and turn it into a visually bigger room.

8. Pink Hidden Office

Pink Hidden Office

If space is a real issue in your home, but you still need to have a comfortable workplace, you can try a hidden office. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Turn your closet into a private hidden office by putting a desk and some shelves in it. You can also paint it pink or any other favorite color of your choice to perk it up.

The great thing of this office is you can hide it when you are not using it so that your room will remain spacious.

9. Airy Small Office

Airy Small Office

Placing your office next to the window is a top-notch idea to make it look airier and less cramped.

Although this tiny office has a limited space, it doesn’t feel so cramped as by a huge sliding glass door. The transparent glass enables the natural light to pass through so that the office can get an abundance of light. But don’t forget to install blinds to prevent you from the glare.

10. Colorful Office Interior

Colorful Office Interior

The red shelves have a distinctive design that makes your office look more stylish. They are such a great adornment because it adds a pop of color in this tedious room. Some extra white shelves hang on the wall. They assure you a clutter-free place for working.


Those are 10 small office interior design ideas that you can apply to your office. Now roll up your sleeves and begin to refurbish it so that writing some reports are no longer a chore.

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