15 Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms Ideas

Having limited space for a bedroom can be a problem, too, sometimes. Especially if that happens to be your daughter’s when she feels not so little anymore and needs bigger space. But don’t you worry dear parents, because this article presents girls bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you overcoming such problem. Keep on reading to find out!

1. Mounted Bookcase for Girls’ Small Room

Mounted Bookcase for Girls’ Small Room
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Solution number one is to have her bookcases mounted on the walls. Bookcases usually stand on their own above the table or the floor which makes you need to provide extra space for them. But by mounting them on the wall, the problem is solved.

For some bonus point, the bookcases’ color selection should be in accordance to the room’s themes. In this white and purple bedroom case, it’s only natural to have the bookcases painted in the latter tone. They go harmoniously with the color of the walls, curtain, bed sheet, lower storage under the trundle bed, and some accessories.

2. Loft Bed for Girls’ Limited Space

Loft Bed for Girls’ Limited Space
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Solution number two to save some space in small bedroom is by having a loft bed. The one in the picture is an example. A bed usually takes the biggest space of the room. But with a loft bed, which can be combined with a cupboard under it, you can save a very big space.

Though small, this cute bedroom has everything a teenage girl needs. It completed with tall bookshelves, an L-shaped study desk set, drawers, cupboard, and a purple rug.

3. Built-In Shelves in Girls’ Small Room

Built-In Shelves in Girls’ Small Room
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Solution number three to have ideal girl’s bedroom with limited space is to have built-in shelves. While the regular shelves stand alone and thus need their own space, the built-in ones can be customized with another unit she needs inside the room.

An example is seen in the picture. A set of cupboard, shelves, and small study desk are customized to come as a unit together and fit the place suitably.

4. Bunk Bed for Shared Girls’ Limited Space

Bunk Bed for Shared Girls’ Limited Space
Image source http://brasswindow.com/

For parents with two daughters who share the same limited room at the moment, bunk bed can be much help. Tell them not to worry about the boring design, because bunk bed nowadays comes in various styles.

An example presented in the picture. Finishes in beige wood, this bunk bed stands out prettily. Completed with cute wallpaper, stripes and floral patterned fabrics, and cloudy wallpapered ceiling this shared room becomes the cutest ever.

Not just that, it is still functional since there are also small study desk and dresser in similar tone.

5. Drawers Under Girls’ Bed

Drawers Under Girls’ Bed
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

It cannot be denied that girls love to keep things. And because of that, they tend to need more storage spaces than boys.

It’s impossible to have additional drawers in limited space, unless you follow this clever idea. Customize the bed divan in such a way so that it fits up to six extra drawers as seen in the image above.

Apart from those additional drawers under the bed and some more under the study desk, the floating open book shelves and ceiling-height cupboard are there to support the idea of saving space.

6. Floating Desk to Save Floor Space

Floating Desk to Save Floor Space
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

You have read about the floating book shelves just now, right? Now, here comes another level of floating unit to save some floor space. It is a floating desk. In other words, the desk needs to be assembled by mounting on the wall. This is a truly clever idea.

Not to mention some other items that also take part in space saving. They are ceiling-height cupboard, built-in shelves, and wall mounted purple bookcases.

All of them come harmoniously in purple and white shades to beautify this cute girl’s bedroom. Therefore, though small and limited, this sleeping area is still interesting.

7. Minimalist Storage to Cut The Fuss

Minimalist Storage to Cut The Fuss
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Though they love to keep so many things in their bedroom, girls still need to be told to have everything as minimum as possible. Especially, if the space is limited enough like this one shared bedroom.

The room in the picture features a minimalist storage consisted of five drawers for two people. It teaches the dwellers to keep only the necessary ones and thus help them in organizing their small area cleverly. Also, don’t fail to see the casters installed under both of the beds. It makes the beds to be moveable and eases the access to any one of the cupboards.

8. Extra Bed to Use in Need

Extra Bed to Use in Need
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Having small sleeping area doesn’t mean your daughter can’t share her bedroom with anyone. You’ve known bunk bed as a solution of the matter. Another one is to keep an extra bed under hers. She can pull it out in times she needs, and put it back when nobody comes.

9. Small Furniture for Her Small Bedroom

Small Furniture for Her Small Bedroom
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

To make the best use of this small princess-themed room, the girl who owns the space selects a single bed and put it in the corner. The bed is finished in white colored wood and so are the small drawers under the cute little pink television.

A white table lamp is placed on top of the drawers. Except for the wooden furniture, all of the room elements mentioned above are decorated in pink princess theme, up to the curtain and the walls.

10. Paralleled Furniture to Have Roomy Atmosphere

Paralleled Furniture to Have Roomy Atmosphere
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

To have some spacey area in her small bedroom, parallelize all of her furniture into one line. This floral wallpapered bedroom owner position her single bed in the very corner next to the room’s door.

Bedside table is between them. She puts a purple furry rug large enough to cover the whole floor in bed area.

Right in front of the bed, a study desk is placed along with the high back chair. Such furniture placement leaves behind some vacant space which creates the effect of roomy atmosphere.

11. Stripes Wall to Camouflage the Real Size

Stripes Wall to Camouflage the Real Size
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

To create the effect of bigger space, you should use patterns. For this bedroom’s case, the owner uses stripes and polka dots which can be seen on the walls, lamp shades, bed sheets and cover.

It is even more gorgeous when black and white is involved. While black is there to color the table lamp shades, pillow cases, and bed sheet, white is thrown into the mix by being the color of the main elements, such as bedside tables and bed frame.

12. Simple Girls’ Bedroom

Simple Girls’ Bedroom
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Make it simple when her room is small. It benefits you in cutting off the need of bigger space. An example is shown by the bedroom in the picture.

The entire elements are simple. She keeps only one bedside table, simple table lamp shade, single bed, plain white headboard, and cream wall paint color.

A treatment she does to the accent wall is also simple. She only applies polka dot patterned wallpaper with red as its color base.

13. Dark and Bright Colors Combination

Dark and Bright Colors Combination
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

To make the best use of this small bedroom, the owner combines the shades of dark brown and several bright colors, such as turquoise, pink, and white. The dark brown shade is in the polka dot patterned rugs and bed sheets as well as the chair. The turquoise shade is mainly seen in the blanket and pillow cases.

Meanwhile, the white shade is easily spotted in the round bedside table, bed frame, headboard, dresser, and even the walls.

14. Clever Storage Space Arrangement

Clever Storage Space Arrangement
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Yup, a clever storage space management is all she needs in her small bedroom. Once it’s done, the need of bigger space will be gone this instant. For this bedroom’s case, the owner uses red wall mounted shelves to keep the books and showcase the displays.

The red shade is in accordance with those from the bed base and bedside table. Speaking of accordance, the letters wallpaper is perfectly harmonious with the shelves. Not to mention the colors from the wall paint and lamp shades. It is a super cool arrangement of small bedroom.

15. Study Desk with A Lot of Extra Storage Spaces

Study Desk with A Lot of Extra Storage Spaces
Image source http://www.yuyek.com/

Your next solution to overcome her bedroom small space is to customize her study desk with a lot of additional storage spaces. You can see the picture above for an example.

Place some cute little basket to boost her mood in studying. They also help in organizing her things by categories.

The shape of the desk itself is already unique, let alone how super functional it could be. Get it finished in white paint so that the study desk suits the other furniture and item.

For some additional aesthetic points, throw pink into the mix. Have it color the bed set and the walls, and you will make her let out wow loud!


All in all, let her manage her small bedroom by herself. She’s in the age of expressing her truly self, anyway. You only need to give advice if she asks for it, and help in finding solution for any possible matter. Don’t forget to show her some girls bedroom ideas for small rooms in today’s article. Finally, have fun in saving space!

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