10 Splendid Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

You deserve a nice sleep after going through the hurly-burly of the workplace and rush hour in the downtown. To get a better sleep, you need a super comfortable bedroom. Thus, you are going to need these 10 splendid modern master bedroom ideas that ensure you an ultimate comfort.

1. White and Beige Modern Master Bedroom

White and Beige Modern Master Bedroom

One of the key points of a modern bedroom is the use of neutral and earthy color palette. White and black hues are commonly used in modern interior to define the simplicity.

This bedroom uses the combination of white and beige hues that makes it look elegant. Clear-cut furniture brings out the simplicity of it. Even the bed and the headboard denote geometrical shapes which are quite simple.

Besides the furniture, the lighting also plays a crucial role in creating a modern look. Therefore, recessed LED lights are used rather than crystal pendant light to light this room up.

2. Maximize Your Space

Maximize Your Space

Space does matter in modern interior design. And thus, you need to avoid cramming your master bedroom with various kind of furniture. Keeping your room simple is much better.

If your bedroom is not quite spacious, you can optimize the space by investing on some low-level furniture. It helps you to furnish your room better without taking up a lot of space.

This modern gray mattress lies on gray rug without a bed frame that holds it.  Some other pieces of low-level furniture such as a TV table and side table complement the bed well. They allow you to have a bigger and more comfortable place to call it a night.

3. Add Texture to Your Master Bedroom

Add Texture to Your Master Bedroom

Most modern bedrooms keep everything simple and avoid using adornments with sophisticated details such as carved wooden clock or headboard. It may sound tedious for those who are into textures and patterns.

If you want to add textures or patterns to your modern bedroom, make sure they do not overlap the modern furniture. Embossed wallpaper hanging behind the headboard can add texture and make a nice focal point. Or you can tack an embossed carpet down to the floor to keep your feet warm.

4. Purple Tints are Not That Bad

Purple Tints are Not That Bad

Modern bedrooms tend to be furnished with white and black furniture, but it does not mean that you are not allowed to explore your imagination by adding more colors.

This white bedroom looks great with some purple tints reflected from the blankets and pillows. They make a great sidekick for the white bed and linen armchair, making them look more colorful without being too exaggerated.

A purple wallpaper with floral pattern hangs behind the white headboard, making a perfect centerpiece in this room.  Besides white and purple, you can also find some silver hues that add the touch of futuristic style to the bedroom.

5. Bold Master Bedroom for Men

Bold Master Bedroom for Men

This bedroom is really fantastic. It may be the best bedroom that every man wishes that they would have one someday.

Huge glass windows enable you to see the city landscape easily, creating a timeless and spectacular entertainment. Black and gray hues decorate the entire room, adding the touch of boldness and masculinity to it. For more entertainment, a flat LED TV perches on the mounted TV table in front of the bed nicely.

6. Decorative Light for Modern Master Bedroom

Decorative Light for Modern Master Bedroom

Besides space, another element that plays an important role in creating a modern master bedroom is the lighting. A modern master bedroom has to get sufficient lighting that can make the room look bigger and airier

Getting sufficient lighting does not mean that you have to turn the lights on all day long which can increase your electricity bill. You can install huge glass windows that enable natural light to pass through and permeate to the entire room.

Modern bedrooms usually use recessed LED lights to light the room up while staying simple. But if you want to add decorative lights, just add one crystal light above the bed so that the room remains simple.

7. Monochrome That Teams Up With Teal

Monochrome That Teams Up With Teal

Monochromatic color palette teams up with teal tints to create a gorgeous modern master bedroom. Black and white hues make the room look simple while the teal tints add a bit nuance to it.

The unique thing of this bedroom is we can still find the touch of traditional decoration here namely the white subway tiles installed along the wall behind the headboard.

Geometrical furniture embellishes the room perfectly, making it look exquisite without compromising the functions. And the most beautiful things in this room are the three white Chinese lanterns.

8. Floating Bed and Earthy Color

Floating Bed and Earthy Color

Refurbishing a modern bedroom is not always about black and white. You can still use other colors to perk the room up. However, you need to avoid using soft color palette. You can use vivid and bold colors, instead. But make sure that you do not use them all together because a modern bedroom is supposed to be simple. Less is more.

This bedroom uses brown for the base which makes it look more elegant. But the most bizarre thing is the floating bed. Well, it is not actually floating. It is just a bed that is mounted to the headboard so that it looks like floating. It is unique, isn’t it?

9. Modern Master Bedroom for Limited Space

Modern Master Bedroom for Limited Space

Although space matters in modern style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a modern master bedroom just because you have a small room. To make it look more spacious, try installing a huge glass window that lets the natural light pass through. Natural light will make the room look wider and airier.

10. Luxurious Modern Master Bedroom

Luxurious Modern Master Bedroom

This master bedroom looks luxurious with wooden floor and immense windows covered with beige silk curtains. A crystal light hangs over the bed, making the bedroom look lavish. To add more light, two desk lamps and some hidden lights are added, ensuring the sufficient lighting in it.


These 10 modern master bedroom ideas are amazing, aren’t they? Although they come up with different designs and furniture but one thing for sure, they are simple yet exquisite. Therefore, if you want to have a nice modern master bedroom, always keep in mind that less is always more.

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