10 Extraordinary Ideas of Living Room with Fireplace

Though it is only possible to have in houses placed in four-season countries, living room with fireplace always is the dream space even for people who live in two seasonal nations. I mean, where do we gather around to warm our body up in wet season, right? Only by that idea, this article won’t lose its purpose for some certain readers.

There. You are going to view a collection of 10 living rooms with fireplace as their focal points. Brace yourself; you might want one for your home after this.

1. A Warm Welcoming Fireplace

A Warm Welcoming Fireplace

Fortunately, there’s this living room which explains visually of why people dream to have fireplace in the first place. It welcomes you and warms your gathering area so that you and your relatives could have a fancy meeting without paying attention to cold weather happening outside the room.

Built in between two bookshelves, this fireplace features the deep navy accent wall which on strong contrast with the neutral white. But neither the blue nor white ruin the perfect ambience because each color takes its best role. The white color brings calm and purity, while navy tells you to balance the monotonous.

2. Contemporary Living Room Fireplace

Contemporary Living Room Fireplace

There’s no rule that states a fireplace has to have mantel and built from stones. Even without the two factors, I bet you still adore this modern fireplace. Designed to be blended with the wall, the fireplace doesn’t lose its impact in this beige living room. Rather, it shouts different story of its being unique and anti mainstream.

3. Glass Living Room Fireplace

Glass Living Room Fireplace

Another unusual example of modern fireplace is here! Take a look at this rare item to your heart’s content, you might not be able to find it anywhere else easily. Respectively saying, this rarely seen fireplace:

  • Has an advanced system that lets it warms the surrounding without being traditionally open.
  • Enclosed by a ceiling-height glass that leads the smoke directly to a sophisticated chimney and thus makes no pollution whatsoever.
  • Allows you to own a freestanding fireplace with no need of any wall.
  • Double also as room partition between meeting and entertainment room.

4. Built-In Shelving Fireplace

Built-In Shelving Fireplace

For your family who keen on reading, let’s make a cozy and warm reading corner by turning your fireplace into a unit of bookshelves. Arrange a set of L-shaped couches to add comfort and support your idea of potato-couching on the weekend. And, because it seems too closed to feel refreshed, don’t forget to place some plants nearby.

Notice the color selection as well. In this living room’s matter, dark brown, beige, stone grey, and white make a nifty combination together.

5. Copper Fireplace

Copper Fireplace

To get warmed sooner in places with extreme cold, consider having a copper fireplace like this one. Because of its characteristic of being a good heat conductor, copper could be of any help in spreading heat faster than any other metals. Well, if we put silver aside. Be careful to not sit in too close to this kind of fireplace.

It goes without saying that this fireplace type is most suitable to be in living rooms with a high ceiling and open concept.

6. Rustic Brick Fireplace

Rustic Brick Fireplace

You’re looking at a grand living room that doubles as home library, right now. It is so homey that I bet no one wants to live once he or she set foot at this place. There’s a comfortable couch beneath the windows which allows you to slack off a little bit to enjoy the moment. But with those books, well, a little bit is not enough, I guess?

Not to mention what makes it feels homey: the rustic brick fireplace over there. Along with an aged looking mantel and the hanging chandelier as well, this fireplace really introduces rusty. Such concept definitely goes well with this large living room.

7. White Painted Brick Fireplace

White Painted Brick Fireplace

If the previous brick fireplace finished with natural look, or in other words unfinished, this one has been finished with a white paint. Some people found doubtful to have their brick fireplace painted. They are afraid the outcome might ruin the full-scale living room design and style. However, if it’s painted properly it helps you to beautify your space.

And hey, why didn’t we spot it sooner? This is also a freestanding fireplace. But while the glass one doesn’t open, this one has two openings which allow both rooms to get warmed at the same time.

8. Mosaic Tile Fireplace Details

Mosaic Tile Fireplace Details

A corner always is the place where you feel safe. So, it’s only natural to set a comfortable living room with a fireplace in the corner of your house. The steps to make one pleasant living space are as follows.

  • Set cushiony couches with a lot of throw pillows above them.
  • Place a television above the fireplace.
  • Make sure you have a room for built-in shelves.
  • Pay attention to the fireplace detail. In a room where you have everything, a little bit detail of mosaic tiles application won’t hurt.

9. Farmhouse Flair

Farmhouse Flair

The classic stone fireplace has made its comeback! In your snuggly living room, this stone fireplace in the middle gives a little flair of farmhouse. But it’s not the usual farmhouse style with stones all over the fireplace area. Rather, it’s the hospitable and humane version of such kind now with vertical shiplaps involved in the mix.

This living room has a quite interesting arrangement. Instead of placing it above the fireplace where everybody could watch it, the television is set more to the side near the window. In front of the television, a cushioned bench with throw pillows is set. Well, that makes the middle area more for reading or chatting.

10. Color and Pattern

Color and Pattern

Be brave in throwing patterns as well as colors to your living room elements. Including in the idea is patterned curtains, various colors of throw pillows, bright toned accent wall, and most importantly, a pattern tiled fireplace. Other than elements mentioned, leave them plain and you will have a well-balanced living room.

Don’t forget to take care of the accents as well. Round classic chandelier and wooden floor would do.


To sum it up, one absolute thing to have in a living room with fireplace is coziness and comfort. Otherwise, we don’t think you could enjoy being there at all, however luxurious or spacious it is.