10 Outdoor Bar Ideas from Rustic to Lavish

Whenever summer comes, it would be such a festive notion to spend most of your time outside. It’s including having some friends and relatives to come by and entertaining them outside of the house. Therefore, excuse us! Outdoor bar ideas are coming through! You are about to read 10 ideas of some sort to be your references of building an outdoor bar.

These ideas consist of permanent structures and temporary pop-ups that you have only during summer. So, if you’re in the middle of looking for some outdoor bar ideas, congratulations, you’re reading the right article. Check the ideas below!

1. Backyard Outdoor Bar with Fire Pit

Backyard Outdoor Bar with Fire Pit

This is what we call by ‘entertaining guests outside’. There is a bar built permanently out of natural stones at a covered patio. This alone is supposedly enough to supply with what you need in holding a warm event, or even a party! Apart from the bar, there are also a dining set, television, and fireplace.

But this backyard goes beyond your imagination. Outside the patio, you see some comfortable seats surround a fire pit and that’s picturesque! No need to find a venue anymore when your house has one. It could save you from some troubles. How cool is that?

2. Contemporary Outdoor Bar

Contemporary Outdoor Bar

Planning to have certain outdoor area with several furnishings means that you have to consider all of the items to be weatherproof. Take what you see in the picture for example. The bar countertop finished in sleek quartz which famous for its durability and pretty much resistant to any kind of weather.

What also included in weatherproof items is the flooring. This bar uses natural wood, while there are some other materials that worth considers. They are:

  • Ceramic tiles,
  • Organic stone, and
  • Poured concrete.

3. Semi Outdoor Bar with Garage Door

Semi Outdoor Bar with Garage Door

This one idea is only possible if you have a kitchen that looks out to your patio area. You do the prep inside and have the food outside. What makes it more interesting is the garage door that works versatile both when it opens to be some sort of shade and closes to be a door.

4. Outdoor Mini Bar

Outdoor Mini Bar

It looks mini yet do not underestimate this outdoor bar because it has enough to invite you over. It has modern designed barbeque grill from stainless steel, small refrigerator, a sink, and two pairs of bar stools. Ah, don’t fail to notice, a scenic view, too. The floating countertop made of concrete also adds interest to the full-scale impression.

5. Outdoor Bar Covered with Tavern-Inspired Pergola

Outdoor Bar Covered with Tavern-Inspired Pergola

This outdoor bar is so insanely extraordinary. It has the look of street vendor from the pergola that inspired by tavern as well as from the aged-looking wooden base and posts. When we bring the topic of aged wood, it must be rustic that follows. The use of kegs as bar stools does nothing but emphasizes the concept more.

6. Wet Outdoor Bar

 Wet Outdoor Bar

Apparently, there are outdoor bars which purposefully designed to be okay when it gets wet. This bar is one of them. It is covered by an open wooden pergola and built permanently out of waterproof materials like quartzite stone tiles. It is so safe that electronic items make their way to this sophisticated bar.

7. Outdoor Bar with Stone Barbeque Grills

Outdoor Bar with Stone Barbeque Grills

This is your second example of wet outdoor bar, only there is one difference between this and previous bar. If the one you see before covered by an open pergola all over it, this bar right here has no cover at all, especially in the middle area. But of course it would be no problem completely since the materials used are pretty resistant to any kind of weather.

8. Lavish Outdoor Entertaining Area

Lavish Outdoor Entertaining Area

This is so posh you could get spoiled completely. There are not only bar, but also half-submerged lounges with fire pits and incredible limitless swimming pool in front of the lounges. Lavish granites are seen to be the main materials of the bar. It shows on the wall and bar table.

All of the things mentioned are surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean and the city. You could sit yourself there and do nothing but enjoying the scenery bit by bit.

9. Swim Up Bar

Swim Up Bar

What could be more refreshing than sipping a glass of cold beverage right after swimming, then make your round to the pool again just a second later? Surely, nothing could ever beat that! With a swim up bar, you could enjoy that. There will be a lot of elements to mention from this picture, but let’s cut to the highlight.

The swim up bar is made to ease you taking turns between swimming and enjoying beverages. It even has permanent stools under the water so that you won’t have to get out of the swimming area if you want to visit the bar. That way, you won’t get the lounge space any splashes. This is such a brilliant concept!

10. Small Patio Bar

Small Patio Bar

With trees placed at the sides of the entrance, this small patio bar seems private and it’s likeable very much. Everything looks perfect in this picture. From the bar across the area to the benches set in the lounge, they seem to place with thorough plan. The arrangements are clever and so are the material selections.

All of them have a record of being resistance to water and direct sunlight. The materials are listed as follows:

  • The concrete fire pit base,
  • Metal benches,
  • Rattan lounge chairs,
  • Plastic bar stools, and
  • Stone countertop.

As outdoor bars benefit you in so many ways, they also have their own downsides, like everything does. The disadvantages from outdoor bars are as follows.

  • The permanent outdoor bars cost as much as thousands of dollars.
  • They also need more time to build to perfection.
  • Thunderstorm, heavy snow, and heavy rain are a few threats to your outdoor furnishings.
  • Unless you apply the best security to keep your outdoor items well, it highly likely invites thieves over.


Though so, it is guaranteed that the advantages are more than enough to help you overcoming the disadvantages. Just read again through the entire outdoor bar ideas to help you determine.

If you want to get any ideas for your day’s productivity, visit coffeenideas.com. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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